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APC 30A 10 Circuit 120/240V Universal Transfer Switch

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Honda 32315-UTS10BI 10 Circuit Transfer Switch. APC Universal transfer switch offer adaptive load management (auto load shedding. Transfer switches isolates the generator (allows safe connection), so it can't accidentally electrify external power wires. ***This transfer switch no longer includes a load-side option. It must be hard-wired with an inlet box.***

**A battery backup is recommended for this unit. Battery backup sold separately.**


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APC Universal transfer switch offer adaptive load management (auto load shedding). Transfer switches isolates the generator (allows safe connection), so it can't accidentally electrify external power wires. ALM enables the UTS to shed loads automatically, which maximizes the output to prevent overloads. For example, interruptible devices such a refrigerator, freezer & furnace, will automatically be interrupted when using non-interruptible items such as a well pump, microwave or dishwasher to prevent overloading the generator. Works with generators up to 7000 watts.


Input Voltage 120/240V
Frequency 47-63 Hz
Input Connections IEC-320 C14
Number of Power Cords 1

Max. Line Current per Phase 20A 


Net Weight: 27.5 lbs
Max. Height: 23.44 in
Max. Width: 15.5 in
Max. Depth: 3.31 in

Operating Environment -13 -104º

Operating Relative Humidity 5-95%

Warranty 2 Years 


Product Features

  • Alpha-Numeric LCD Display
  • Multiple Mounting Methods
  • Two AC lines power the unit and if primary AC unit fails, will automaticcaly switch to alternate power source
  • Manual Maintenance Bypass
  • Hardwire Capable
  • Real-time Load Status
  • Generator Capable
  • Convenience Outlet Powers and charges a UPS or other 120V input power source
  • LED Status indicators
  • Installation Wizard
  • Adaptive Load Management that intelligently mointors power uses and maximizes generator operating effiiciency 
  • UL 1008 Certified


Additional Info

Manufacturer Part Number 32315-UTS10BI
MPN 32315-UTS10BI
Rated Voltage 120/240V
Frequency 60 Hz
Enclosure Type NEMA 1
Phases 1 Phase
Overall Dimensions 23.4"L x 15.5"W x 3.3"H
Dry Weight 27.5 lbs.
Residential Warranty 2 Years
Commercial Warranty n/a
Ships Via ground


Could be better and should be better labeled.Review by 120V/240V
If you have a 240V 20 amp circuit in your main electrical panel that you are not using and a 240V generator, then you are in luck.

The description is for this item is not clear that it will not run on a 120V generator. After installing this unit and powering it up and trying to get it running on generator power we found out too late that it will only run on 240V. Which is really too bad since it is a great idea. It can make a generator fill the role of one that is 20% larger, if, it is 240V, that is. As it stands, I have a really cool box on my wall that has pretty led lights and counts KWH's. That's all. I called Wisesales and was told that since it has been installed, there is no returning this item. $500 and 2 days shot with nothing to show for it.

Of course I could get the 6 circuit model, which would be great if I only had 6 circuits that need emergency power but alas, I need 8.

I also have a great 3000W inverter that runs on gasoline, natural gas and propane and comes in under 60 decibels that will not work with this UTS, sucks to be me! (Posted on 11/27/13)
Revolutionary product, but a few issuesReview by elec-engr
Installed (by an electrician) and programmed (by me) a week ago. So far it works as advertised. Tested unit by completely powering down my main panel and then connecting my Honda EU6500 generator. Have not tested load shedding or time management functions yet, but the unit powered up all 10 circuits as soon as the generator was connected. Acid test will obviously be at my first power outage. Programming was a breeze. Display provides a wealth of information about per-circuit power consumption, generator and UPS loads. All in all, a great transfer switch. However, I do have the following concerns:

1. Fuses instead of breakers. I know fuses act faster, but changing them is a pain, and they ain't cheap (about $8 each).

2. Vulnerability to surges. This thing is chock full of electronic components and computer chips, and is directly in the path of any surges or lightening strikescoming into the house. Don't know if a whole-house suppressor (which I don't have) would protect it, and I'm concerned about what will happen to the 10 most important circuits in my house if the unit gets fried. Will they go out and be unusable until I remove or replace the unit? That would not be a good fail-safe outcome.

Response: Rob Wise Sales
Yes the APC Switch includes many electronic components however, It is not susceptible to lightning damage because when line power is down the source of power is completely diverted from power lines and when line power is back the power does not pass through the switch except through a fused circuit.

3. New version of the unit does NOT come with the L14-30 outlet, despite the photos, apparently due to electric code changes. Instead it comes with the hardwire option installed, so no need to purchase it separately. If you need the outlet, you will have to purchase the parts separately and drill a big hole in the front panel of the UTS (the mount for the outlet is still inside the unit, but the front panel is now solid where the outlet goes). Alternately, you could mount a L14-30 power inlet box to the side of the unit.

4. Sure could have used ten 120V circuits instead of eight, since you have to use a 240V 2-pole breaker to feed circuits 9 & 10. I really have no 240V circuits I need to backup, had to connect to a 15-amp 240V A/C blower just to get power to the UTS. Had to change the fuses on circuits 9 & 10 to 15A as well. Good thing I bought spare fuses, unit only comes with one spare (a 20A). Also make sure you program each circuit's capacity to match its fuse and main panel breaker ratings (they all three have to match, either 15A or 20A).

5. When you program your circuits, if you choose "computer", "home theater" or "sprinkler system" as the load type, it will default to "uninterruptible" and route these circuits through the UPS at all times, power outage or not. So be careful not to overload your UPS.

6. I assume the power consumption data the unit is displaying is in watts rather than VA. I have a lot of low power factor loads (like CFL and LED lights, computers, UPS's, stuff with power bricks, big motors, etc) so the UTS may be underestimating the loads. Probably not much of an issue since most of these items (except motors) are small loads.

(Posted on 8/25/12)

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