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Yamaha EF2800i Inverter Generator

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There's a bunch of power and big-time features built into this compact, 66-pound Inverter generator. Rated at 2800 maximum watts/23.3 amps of output, this generator has exceptional power output-to-weight ratio—and Pulse Width Modulation produces high-quality, clean electricity that's ideal for powering computers and electronic appliances. Other features include Ac and DC output, and an Oil Watch Warning system. Big, reliable power in a small package. Has a low decibel rating of 64-67 dBA.


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  • •Inverter system with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) control allows you to run sensitive electronics.
  • •One of the quietest generators in its class: 64-67 dBA.
  • •Run time of 15 hours at ¼ rated load
  • •Economy Control electrical governor varies engine speed depending on load and helps reduce noise.
  • •Multipole alternator — The compact design reduces weight, offering exceptional power output to weight ratio.
  • •OHV engine features a cast iron cylinder lining
  • •Low Oil Shutdown
  • •USFS-approved Spark Arrestor — Offers quiet operation and keeps sparks from exiting exhaust system, reducing chance of fires caused by an errant spark.
  • •Noise Suppressor — Reduces electrical interference with TVs and radios.
  • •Specially designed muffler to reduce noise
  • •AC Non-fuse Thermal Breaker
  • •Open Frame
  • •DC output allows you to charge 12V batteries
  • • 50 State Compliant - Meets EPA and CARb emission regulations


Additional Info

Manufacturer Part Number EF2800IM
MPN EF2800i
Engine Type OHV, Air-Cooled, Four-Stroke, Single Cylinder
Engine Displacement 171 cc
Starting System Recoil (pull to start)
Ignition System n/a
Oil Capacity 0.63 qt
Fuel Tank Capacity 2.6 gal.
Continuous Operation Time Up to 15 hours@ 1/4 load
Maximum AC Output 2800 watts
Rated AC Output 2500 watts
DC Output Yes
Rated AC Current 20.8 / 23.3 amps @ 120V
Parallel Capable No
Rated Voltage 120V
Frequency 60 hz
Receptacles 10A 12V DC, 120V 20A Duplex, L5-30R 30A Twist
Noise Level 64 - 67 dBA
Dry Weight 66 lbs.
Overall Dimensions 19.2 in X 15.6 in X 16.7 in
Residential Warranty 3 years
Commercial Warranty 1 Year
Emissions Compliance 50 State Compliant
Ships Via Ground


Nice Generator, but not super quite.Review by Tom
I bought this generator from Wise in 2005. I've used it camping a few times. It will run my RV AC, microwave and everything else. But, it isn't super quite. Other campers may tolerate you running it during the day, but you would get some complaints in the evening. If your out boondocking with no one close than it would be ideal. I've used it to power essential stuff in the house on power outages and it does a nice job, but of course won't run the whole house. I have had zero problems with mine, and it always starts with just a few pulls. I use fuel stabilizer with the fuel shut off when in storage. And, if it has been a year or so, I drain the fuel and install fresh. An hour meter would be nice, but the oil stays nice and clean. I usually change it once a year anyway. (Posted on 12/7/13)
Great RV GeneratorReview by Hiker23A
I spent several weeks reviewing portable generators and discovered quite quickly that anything other than Honda or Yamaha is junk. Picked this generator simply because it had features Honda didn't and because Honda didn't have anything comparable to this unit. I bought this generator for use in remote campgrounds with my Aliner Explorer trailer. Has worked very well, taking the loads of my a/c, lights frig, fans, microwave, etc. Has handled all without skipping a beat. Probably a larger unit than I needed for camping, but my secondary purpose was to power my home frig and sump pump during power outages. Haven't tested for this yet. Overall, very pleased with this purchase. Great size for easy storage and transport. Starts on the first pull every time. The 68 lb. weight isn't as bad as it sounds. I'm 66 years old and have little difficulty lifting and carring the unit. Use your legs, not your back, and you'll do just fine. Rated 4 stars for value simply because the price is a bit too high. (Posted on 9/12/13)
My best portable generatorReview by Lieutenant Dan
I bought this generator 9 years ago. I've lugged it all over the northeast and used it to power my deer camp and during power outages for days at a time. The weight is manageable. It is stingy on gas and quiet. I feed it non-ethanol gas, sta-bil, Pri-G, Mobil 1 oil and fog the cylinder and run it dry before storing. Excellent product. (Posted on 7/24/13)
Best of the best.Review by Radiocom NYC
I purchased an EF2800i from another dealer about 6 years ago, and I added a conversion kit so it could run on gasoline, natural gas, or propane. I only ran it for an hour, in order to test the natural gas conversion kit, and then I stored it in my garage.

Fast-forward to Monday October 29, 2012. That night, Hurricane Sandy filled the streets of the Rockaway Peninsula in New York City with 5 feet of water, and flooded the basement of my home which is only 2 blocks from the ocean.

When the water level reached 6 inches in my driveway, I remembered that the generator was in the garage, and I hurried to bring it inside my house. Thank goodness it only weighs around 65 pounds.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get the generator running during that night because the quick-connect port that I use for my natural gas barbecue was already underwater, And a 5 gallon gas container was inside the garage. But Tuesday morning, I discovered that natural gas was still available inside my house (I was able to use the stove.) I brought the generator outside, plugged the gas hose into the quick-connect, and in moments the generator was running.

It took 6 hours for me to pump-out my basement using 2 high-capacity electric pumps that I had on-hand. I then ran some extensions cords from the generator into my house to power the refrigerator, TV, some lights, an electric heater, and chargers for a laptop and cellphone.

LIPA (our electric utility company) didn't restore power to the neighborhood until almost 3 weeks later. During that time, the generator ran continuously. I stopped it only once to change the oil. The Yamaha engine meter that I had purchased along with the generator (HIGHLY recommended; it show accumulated hours and RPM) showed 390 hours. The generator ran quietly (barely audible inside the house) and reliably. The inverter technology enabled me to use sensitive electronic equipment without ANY problems.

Because I was able to pump-out my basement quickly, and due to the fact that I had no sheet-rock walls... I was able to dry-out the basement quickly, and there was no mold, mildew, or odor. I was able to spend my time flushing the seawater from my boiler and water-heater, and then disassembling, cleaning with compressed air, and replacing some critical components. Within 3 days after the hurricane, I had heat and hot water again.

Because I was so impressed with the performance of the EF2800i, I was able to connect my laptop to the Internet by "tethering" it to my cellphone. and I placed an order with Wise Sales for ANOTHER Ef2800i. I now keep that new generator at work, as a backup

I know there are much-less expensive generators out there. My neighbors were using some of those cheaper models. They weren't using inverter technology. One of my neighbors ruined a computer when he repeatedly tried to use it with his cheap generator. Another neighbor had a generator that ran low on oil, and the engine seized. And I believe that some of those other generators don't have iron cylinder sleeves like the Yamaha engine on my generator. I doubt they will be able to use their generators more than 150 hours without requiring service.

Bottom-line: If you want something reliable, it requires investment in good equipment. Wise Sales handled my order efficiently, and there was no charge for delivery. Really... I can't say enough about the EF2800i. (Posted on 7/1/13)
powerful but compact and lite for the sizeReview by Bruce
ran my 13500 bu no pp a/c and lights like it. starts easy ,no problems (Posted on 6/23/13)
Excellent GeneratorReview by djsurfbum
I've used and maintained generators from 5KW to 15KW in military operations and decided to buy a small portable unit for the house. The Yamaha EF2800i isn't cheap, but the specs and high power-to-weight ratio made it the right choice for me as a source of emergency power. Ordering from Wise was painless, and the generator arrived as scheduled. It was packaged box-in-box with hardened foam as padding and there was no shipping damage. The users manual is easy to understand and I had the generator filled with oil and running in less than 15 minutes. It starts easily and runs quietly, especially in Economy mode. As with all small engines, I expect it to consume some oil during the break-in period and I'm changing the oil frequently during the first 10 hours of ops. The quality of this generator is excellent and I'm very pleased with this purchase. (Posted on 6/20/13)
Yamaha EF2800iReview by Jim
Impressed with unit so far. . Put the oil in and it started on the first pull. Wanted to check it out so I hooked it up to my camper. Started the a/c with no problem. Haven't used it a lot yet, but my initial impression is very favorable. (Posted on 5/9/13)
cabin northern minn. Review by Rockin red
I have a cabin northern Minn. runs 2 bed home. I run my cabin, it runs everything, I run it 48hrs at time, uses no oil, quiet, love it. If you are considering other brand make sure it has an inverter. This ones the cats meow... rockin red. (Posted on 2/12/12)
Good Emergency PerformerReview by ICE4SAFETY
After weighing the pros and cons of smaller and larger units from various manufacturers for emergency preparedness purposes we found this unit to be a "Best Bet"
Quiet - Compact - Reliable Engine - Service Network - Sufficient Power - Transportable - Sine Wave Power - Multi-Fuel Capable
OK - will someone please invent a rough service wheel kit.
(Posted on 2/8/12)
good all around generatorReview by pickle
i have had my generator 4 ,9 yrs. some times turn gas off other time,s left it on. excellent machine runs my whole camp every thing on (Posted on 1/1/12)
Light and quiet Review by Blackout
I just purchased this Yamaha. Delivery took a few short days. It is very light, about 65 lbs. When I started it I couldn't believe how quiet it was. It is comparably small but powerful. When operating with the econ switch on it's very very quiet. It automatically increases according to the power draw. Very happy!!! (Posted on 12/13/11)
A good unit you must turn off fuel and run the carb dry.Review by Sailor Man
I bought the EF2800i about three years ago. I have learned the hard way you must turn off the fuel and let the unit run the carburetor dry. If you stop the unit with the stop switch and leave the fuel lever in the run position fuel will enter the engine and end up with fuel in the oil (crank case). The float in the carburetor is nylon plastic with no adjustments. The fuel is gravity fed to the carburetor and in time weakens the float to allow the fuel to flow in to the crank case. I didn’t check the oil before I started the unit and it made some squeak noses after it ran for a minute. I stopped the unit and checked the oil it was over flowing when the dip stick was removed. The oil thinned with gas damaged the connecting rod at the crank shaft. (Posted on 8/18/11)

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